About Us

start of the name of the people of the oud in the sale of natural oud in particular and after the investigation Full satisfaction of our customers in our selection of the finest natural oud varieties
Here comes the idea of ​​creating an e-shop to facilitate the application process So that it is easy for our customer to choose their kind of oud and find out their prices
The quantities available are all comfortable and easy.

Accuracy and care

Al Oud products have the advantage that they do not buy the oud in a commercial manner where they are purchased as a personal use where during the process of buying the lute from the personal merchant for each
The country belongs to the type of oud, and stands during the mobilization of our top specialists in the field of oud In order to take the best of what is available to the merchant and arrive to you thoroughly refined and carefully complete Without bad or bad parts for use.

Our Vision

Exclusive exclusivity in the best natural lute in the world, where we are today thanks to God we have our own resources and the strongest and the best and the finest in all types of natural oud,
And then opening a main branch to receive customers, and compete in the offer of reasonable prices for sale Where the latter has become greatly overpriced in the prices of natural lute.

Our wishes

We are always the first choice for natural oud customers worldwide.